I took the initiative to create an icon set for eero Insight and led the effort of establishing iconography guidelines.


That was the state of icon assets when I joined eero team. The main problem they had was the lack of the ownership and Iconography guidelines.

old icons old icons misalignments

As a result, icons used in production had many imperfections, like these misalignments.

Several icons across the set didn’t follow consistent patterns.

old icons corners old icons in left nav

On top of that, icons were often misused in the product and duplicated, causing customer confusion.


I started with conducting icon audit across multiple design assets and the eero product itself. I started with conducting icon audit across multiple design assets and the eero product itself. Then, I organized all the icons in a single sheet, making it easier to work with.

icons audit


After that, I worked with the team on design principles we should follow to create our new icon set.


I also established design grids to use for Navigational (24px) and Table (16px) icons.

icons safe areas

To make the new icon set consistent, I established several guidelines, like 2px Safe areas.

icons safe areas

I also created keylines to follow while creating icons with Circle, Square, Horizontal and Vertical shapes.

icons keylines icon styles

Besides that, I defined basic style requirements, like Corner radius, Angle, and Stroke width.

Icon set

Then, I started creating icons according to established principles and guidelines.

functional icons tracker list new icons in left nav context

Along the way, I was testing how new icons look and feel in the product.

Next steps

After creating the initial set, I plan to work on another category of icons used across eero products–Illustrative, which represent network devices.

icons examples in a table view


I’m also working on the written form of the Iconography guidelines that design team can follow to create new icons.

iconography guidelines

Open source

The icons project inspired me to start working on an open source icon set which I plan to launch in the Figma community.

icons in an alphabetical order icons variations

It will consist of Regular, Filled, Rounded, and Sharp variations of icons.

Thanks for reading!